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When I started Guardian Angel Pet Care I approached each and every client’s pets as one of my own. It is easy to forget that a pet is impacted when their owner is absent. I made it a personal goal to fill any void that the pet may experience, as well as an honor that the owners are entrusting their pets and homes in my care. Having seven dogs kept me hopping and I learned so much about animal care as a result of our frequent visits to the Veterinarians office. Seven dogs allowed me to find others with the same passion for animals which eventually led to the start of me part-time pet sitting. Several clients told me I was their pet’s guardian angel, so the name stuck when it came time to start my full time pet care business, Guardian Angel Pet Care.

Over Night Services

Most clients schedule pet sitting when leaving town for business, vacation, or over the weekend. We can accommodate most needs so please feel comfortable relying on us when you can’t be there for them for any reason. Normal visits are 30 minutes & start out at $18.00.

Dog Walks

For the safety and enjoyment of your dog(s), we provide one-on-one walks. Walks are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long: they receive our full attention. – starting at $18.00

Cat Care

We take care of food and water, litter box maintenance, playing, walking if needed and loving your cats while you are away.


Our goals


Our goal is to help keep your pets healthy and happy. Exercise is important for good health and also helps make for happy pets. Our walks, runs and play sessions are designed to keep your pets stimulated and in shape.


Anything from properly prepared meals, giving daily medications, cleaning litter boxes or brushing teeth, at Guardian Angel we know how important every aspect of pet care is and we make sure that each animal gets the proper individual attention and services that they need around the clock.


We want our clients to feel the same level of satisfaction and care as their animals do with us. There is nothing to worry about when you have a Guardian Angel looking over your pets.

What are Clients Saying?

  • I trust Julie of Guardian Angel Pet Care completely.  She takes wonderful care of my cat buddy, Echo, and is very conscientious about the security of my home when she leaves.  I feel she has an innate ability to relate to animals and loves them like her own.

    Dr. Mary Spolyar – Client

  • Julie has been wonderful with my dog, Champ both for his daily walks and weekend visits when we have been out of town.  I know that I can count on Julie to alert me if Champ isn’t feeling well or if she has any other concerns.  She is also always willing to accommodate my changing work schedule.  Julie is one of the few people that I trust to take care of Champ.

    Elizabeth Trachtman – Client

  • Julie has walked our Husky consistently for over five years. We travel frequently and so rely heavily on Julie’s unfailing help. She has a special way with dogs that has helped our Husky tolerate our absences much more easily. Julie can also be counted on no matter the weather or the inconvenience. We have appreciated her extraordinary assistance and would recommend her highly with complete confidence.


    Dr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Ware – Client

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    Downtown / Broad Ripple / Meridian-Kessler / Arden / surrounding areas.

  • Phone

    (317) 331-7653

  • Hours

    24 Hours a day / 7 days a week.

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